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BHS Courses & Pathways

Berkshire High School is committed to providing an exciting and innovative learning environment that stimulates the development of valuable critical-thinking, collaboration, decision-making and inquiry skills. Our mission is maximizing each student’s potential as an individual and as a responsible citizen. The High School features a variety of learning spaces to facilitate Project -Based Learning. 

Berkshire High School offers a wide variety of courses to meet individual student academic needs. We strive to collaboratively work with parents and students to take advantage of the many educational opportunities that are available. For more information, see below: 

  • 2024-25 BHS Course Selection GuideA comprehensive listing of course offerings at BHS as well as other important information about course selection. 
  • BHS & College Credit Plus: Students are provided a comprehensive and challenging college preparatory curriculum through a variety of pathways. One increasingly popular option is Ohio?s College Credit Plus (CCP) program which allows students in grades 7- 12 to simultaneously earn high school and transcripted college credits. 
  • Real World Career-Preparedness Opportunities at BHS: The Berkshire Local Schools is embarking on a rigorous educational journey with our students to truly prepare them for their career. BHS is helping students with real world career-preparedness opportunities which
    develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills in fields of their interest while remaining engaged in the community. 
  • Medical Assisting Certificate Program: Through a partnership with Kent State University,  BHS students can earn up to twenty-four (24) college credits towards an advanced medical degree, while preparing students for a career in the growing field of Medical Assisting.