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Community Service & Senior Shadow Project Info

Community Service Project Information: Completion of community service is  a graduation requirement from Berkshire High School (BHS), designed to encourage citizenship as part of the district's goal of "Maximizing each student's potential as an individual and as a responsible citizen." Seniors in the Class of 2024 are required to submit 30 hours of approved community service in order to be eligible to graduate from BHS in May of 2024. These hours were to have been earned from grades 9-12.  Here are some specifics about the requirements:

  • Twenty (30) hours submitted by seniors via this linked form are due by Friday, April 26, 2024.  They can be emailed to the Community Service Advisor, Mrs. Riley-Farrow,  at or dropped off in person in room A104 in the high school for approval; 

  • For the Class of 2024, Only fifteen (15) of the twenty (30) community service hours can be connected to an activity on Berkshire’s campus or connected with Berkshire schools.  The other fifteen (15) must be completed in outside opportunities which benefit the community. A list of ideas is provided below;

  • Community service is considered to be something that positively impacts the community from which the student receives no compensation or peripheral benefit. For instance, raising money for an athletic team or club that a student participates with should not be used; 

  • Community service cannot be completed with a for-profit business unless the business is participating in a fundraiser for another event from which they are not profiting. For instance, a student cannot volunteer to work for free at a business, but can participate in a Toys for Tots fundraiser organized by the business; 

  • Approved community service should go beyond the expectations of being a good family member or neighbor -  therefore, community service hours will not awarded to students that, for example, rake leaves for a grandparent or elderly neighbor;

  • Community service should be completed outside of regular school hours; 

  • Community service cannot be signed off on by a parent or family member. The form should be completed and signed by the community organizer/supervisor. One form is required for each service experience (although you can combine several dates at one experience on a single form); 

  • Service hours can be completed through a church outreach programs that positively impact the community (i.e. providing meals, service projects, etc) but cannot be affiliated with the worship service (i.e. being an alter boy or usher, etc.); 

  • Students and parents/guardians can view the total amount of hours currently completed and turned into the school by going to Infinite Campus and clicking on ‘More’; 

  • Some ideas for volunteering include Public Libraries; Local Firehouses; Tutoring; Big Brothers/Big Sisters; Geauga UH or other Local Hospitals; Community Care organizations; Rescue Village; Dog Warden; Lake Humane Society; Pancake Breakfasts for Firehouses, Legion Halls, Museum Grounds;  Meals on Wheels; Habitat for Humanity; Fundraising Events for Local Non-Profit Organizations; Local Food Pantries/Food Banks; Latchkey; Berkshire Recreation Coach/Referee; Local Granges; Fieldstone Therapeutic Riding; Local Events (Apple Butter, Country Hearth Christmas; Troy Homecoming, etc.); Local Nursing Homes; Red Cross; Salvation Army; Relay for Life; Education Services Center summer Camp Volunteer; Organized Clean Up Days; Geauga County YMCA; 

  • Students must complete the following number of community service hours to be eligible for graduation from Berkshire High School: 

    • Class of 2024: 30 hours (fifteen (15) of the thirty (30) community service hours can be connected to an activity on Berkshire’s campus or connected with Berkshire schools); 
    • Class of 2025 and beyond: 40 hours (twenty (20) of the forty (40) community service hours can be connected to an activity on Berkshire’s campus or connected with Berkshire schools). Note - this discrepancy in required hours between the Class of 2024 and the Classes of 2025 and beyond is due to restrictions of community service opportunities experienced by students in the class of 2024. 

Senior Shadow Project Information: The Berkshire High School Senior Shadow Project is designed to provide interested seniors with the opportunity to work on a meaningful, independent project within an area of interest. Seniors can complete this graduation requirement by selecting one of two options: (1) the Senior Job Shadow Experience OR (2) The Senior Shadow Alternative Project.  Students complete the Senior Job Experience off campus from May 6-16 while the Senior Shadow Alternative Project is completed at school from May 6-16.  Click here to see more information about the Senior Job Shadow Experience OR the Senior Shadow Alternative Project.

For questions, please contact Mrs. Riley-Farrow, faculty coordinator for the Senior Shadow Project at








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2024 Senior Shadow Project Information 

Important Dates
March 15: Project Proposal Deadline
April 26: Final Grade Check to Determine Eligibility
May 3: Senior Shadow Students Last Day
May 6-10: Senior Shadow Project Week
May 13-16: Senior Exit Interviews 
May 15: Alternative Project Due 
May 16: Seniors Last Day